Parametric Brick Façade in Grasshopper

After my post regarding Delauney triangulation, I realized I had a few grasshopper scripts I had previously worked on this last year that I could also share. One project specifically stood out because I was able to play around with a parametric brick façade design. Always fun!

I was tasked with creating a specific design in grasshopper, as well as playing around with some new designs I came up with. So firstly, here is the reference image given to me:

Image result for yves saint laurent museum brick

Totally Haute Couture. This design is part of the absolutely gorgeous Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech by KO Studio. Check it out here:

This design itself is actually quite easily accomplished in grasshopper thanks to a little something called attractor points. Attractor point designs are some of the first GH scripts I learned and I’ll tell you why- A) because they look really cool and B) because they aren’t actually as complicated as they look in terms of grasshopper scripting. Think of the designated “attractor” point as a magnet- you want it to push or pull whatever geometry you create away or towards that point. It ultimately creates some really cool results. Here is the final product of replicating the above design in grasshopper:

I also threw together a secondary design that changed the depth of the brick based on lines of brick. In the first image, the lines are randomly chosen, whereas in the second and third image, they are chosen by the user. Not nearly as fun as playing with the attractor point, but nonetheless still cool. And there you have it, parametric brick façades in grasshopper.

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