Quarantine Cross Stitching

As we all know, quarantine has been tough and everyone has been cooped up in their homes. A ton of people have tried all different types of hobbies (one of my best friends is making bread and sewing her own dresses!), so I decided to rediscover one of my own. When I was little, my mom taught me how to cross stitch. It’s not necessarily a difficult hobby, and is more of a repetitive task (which can be quite soothing). Here are some of the cross stitches I’ve completed in the past:

I made the cross stitched flower above for my grandpa, and found a really cool vintage looking frame for it. She absolutely loved it!

I purchased the pattern for this unicorn cross stitch off of Etsy, which I made for a friend. I know it’s somewhat vulgar, but I find it quite hilarious (the friend in question has a unicorn tattoo, so it was perfect).

A Star Wars cross stitch for my Star Wars obsessed friend!

All of these cross stitches were such fun and I loved making them for the people I love. I decided during quarantine that I should take this relaxing hobby back up, and decided to go with a pattern of one of my favorite book/movies, the Lord of the Rings. The pattern shows the nine members of the fellowship. It will hopefully be a Christmas gift for my boyfriend (if I’m not too lazy and can finish it in time!) This is as far as I’ve gotten:

I’ll continue to work on it during my time off, as it’s a nice way to pass time as we are all stuck inside!


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