Interior Walkthrough – Hospital Waiting Area

I have been using Enscape with Revit for some time to create both static, 2D renderings as well as panoramic views and walkthroughs. If you don't know, Enscape is a great "plug and play" tool in the industry currently- it allows users to very quickly and easily visualize their models with correct lighting/materials at a … Continue reading Interior Walkthrough – Hospital Waiting Area

Silicone Molding with 3D Prints

I tried something a little different recently after seeing this video from Prusa Printers: I had seen examples of people creating really cool resin/soap/candle casts from silicone molds created from a 3D printed object and thought it looked really fun. It could be used to make gifts or little trinkets. Also, why not try … Continue reading Silicone Molding with 3D Prints